Hi, I’m Marti, and this travel site ‘The Walking Street’ is designed to help and guide you to travel especially in Southeast Asia. Join me in my journey to travel more places from around the world!

You’re probably wondering “Marti, why did you choose to create this travel blog?”

I’m guessing that you ended up here because just like me, you want someone that could help you to do something you really love, or to get inspiration to travel and see the world in a different perspective.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How do I plan my trip to Thailand or Vietnam?” “Is the Philippines a safe place to visit?” “Can I cross the border between Cambodia and Laos?” “How can I get the best deals and get the most of my money?”

Well I get you, you’re not alone. I’ve asked these questions too. 

It’s never easy, especially if you are traveling solo. But that shouldn’t push you back, right? I’m here to help  🙂 *wink

Mekong Delta River boat ride in Ben Tre, Vietnam

I finished a degree in Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management in University and I knew back then that I’m a traveler by heart. That’s why I took that major. 

It’s my passion and I want to share that love of exploring new places, learning a different culture, trying new food, and so much more with you . 

I’m not an expert or something but my experiences and stories could inspire you to go outside your comfort zone and go somewhere you really love to. 

I quit my corporate job in 2015 to go outside my country in the Philippines and landed a job as an English teacher in Vietnam. Since then I’ve been traveling to different places. Not much yet, but I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Follow me on my journey and let this blog be our guide to more adventure! Let’s get lost together 🙂



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