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Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in the world. Choosing where to stay in Bangkok depends on what type of traveler you are, what kind of activities you want to do and your budget. But one thing is for sure, Bangkok has something to offer for you.

It can get overwhelming though, knowing that there are so many options to choose from. That’s why I made this guide to make your searching and decision making easier.

I hope that you’ll find this guide helpful. And if you do like this, please share it with your friends.

Alright, let’s get started..


There are ten areas that I would recommend you to consider. Each having their own character and personality that will suit your taste. 

KHAOSAN AREA – Backpackers Haven

Busy Street of Khao San Road
Busy Street of Khao San Road

This area is geared towards budget tourists and backpackers. Here you can find cheap hostels and hotels surrounded by restaurants, bars, and street shopping stalls. 

It is also close to the touristy and popular landmarks such as The Grand Palace, famous temples like Wat Pho, Wat Arun and many others.

If you like a festive vibe and noise is not an issue, then this place is for you. The only downside I see here is the lack of transportation options. There’s still no MRT subway or BTS Skytrain stations nearby.

Book your stay at Khao San here:


SILOM – Heart of Bangkok

King Power Mahanakhon Tower in Silom, Khet Bangrak
King Power Mahanakhon Tower in Silom, Khet Bangrak

This is the business and financial district of Bangkok. I chose to stay here because of its convenient location at the heart of everything. 

We stayed at Silom Avenue Inn which is a budget hotel and not that expensive. I carefully picked this location due to it’s surrounding transportation options like MRT subway and BTS Skytrain. 

It’s also a walk away to the Chao Phraya Express boat stations which is an excellent alternative option to get away from the traffic jams on the road. Bangkok’s traffic is notoriously crazy. And you might want to avoid that.

Shopping Malls and Night Markets in small alleys (Soi) are everywhere. Safety is also not an issue. 

From here, you can take the train to Saphan Taksin BTS Station and walk a little bit to Sathorn Pier and take the Free Shuttle Service to the newest luxury mall ICON SIAM where the second Apple store in Southeast Asia is located.

Book your stay at Silom here:

SATHORN – Corporate

Bangkok’s Skyscrapers

Just next to Silom, this area is for the ‘corporate’ visitors to Bangkok. Going around this place you’ll find fine dining restaurants serving from local Thai and international cuisines and upscale high-rise condominiums and apartments. 

We didn’t dine in here but I would love to next time as I find this place a good hideaway from a long day’s walk and enjoy the modern lifestyle Bangkok has to offer. This area also boasts it’s rooftop bars for a chill night overlooking the city’s metropolitan skyline.

Book your stay at Sathorn here:


Majestic View of Chao Phraya River
Majestic View of Chao Phraya River

This used to be the old place where the history of Bangkok began. An area full of beautiful views and resort-like ambiance facing the stretch of the Chao Phraya River and overlooking the majestic temples on one side and sprouting modern skyscrapers on the other side. 

This area is not cheap though and geared toward upscale tourists. A lot of five stars hotels are located here. With the stunning view and relaxing vibes, it’s a good value for money.

Book your stay at the Riverside here:

SIAM – Shopaholics

Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon

This is the central shopping area of Bangkok, a ‘shopaholic’s paradise. If shopping is your thing, then you might find yourself checking in here.

Bangkok is considered one of the cheapest shopping destinations in the world. Some of the best and biggest malls in Southeast Asia is located here. 

The only thing you need I guess is your cash and your good to go. Enjoy the shopping spree!

Book your stay at Siam here:


Bangkok's Chinatown
Bangkok’s Chinatown

While Binondo, Manila is considered the Oldest Chinatown in the world, Bangkok houses the World’s biggest Chinatown or Yaowarat. Here you can find the largest gold Buddha inside Wat Traimit. (Wat means temple).

If you are a travel foodie like me, you’ll love this place. One of the things that I love about Thailand is the food. It’s just.. OMG! I’m not exaggerating here but to be honest Thai cuisine is one of the best in the world. No doubt. This area is jam-packed with food stalls and busy markets adjacent to quiet temples. Truly amazing colorful vibe. 

You can also find here the popular Thip Samai famous for its best Pad Thai in Bangkok. Just prepare yourself for a long queue as it can get very crowded when five in the afternoon hits the clock. 

You’ll know when the food in a restaurant is good when there’s a long line of locals and tourists alike. Sure. By the way, they’re open only from 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM. So make sure to consider the schedule if you want to include this restaurant on your list.

Book your stay at Chinatown here:

SUKHUMVIT – Hip & Trendy

Where to stay in Bangkok, Thailand?
Terminal 21 at Sukhumvit

This area is for the ‘hipsters’ because obviously this area is packed with trendy restaurants and bars not to mention the sinful spots of Bangkok’s red light district.

I didn’t spend a night of clubbing and partying in this area due to time constraints. Instead, I had a sumptuous dinner here at Prai Raya Restaurant with our Thai friend.

The food in this restaurant was a foodie’s dream come true. Their Thai Curry was the best that I’ve tried so far which I believe was cooked with so much passion and love that every sip of the curry sauce matched with steamed Thai Rice was just perfect. 

I even brought some back to our hotel because I absolutely loved it. This restaurant serves Southern Thai cuisine of Phuket. Two thumbs up for this restaurant’s service and food quality. Strongly recommended!

Book your stay at Sukhumvit here:

PRATUNAM – Bargain Shoppers

Where to stay in Bangkok, Thailand?
Streets of Bangkok

Similar to Siam area still a shopaholics wonderland but budget friendly. You’ll find here the most popular night markets in Bangkok and inexpensive shopping malls. 

Just learn the art of bargaining and you’ll find it even more interesting and worth visiting. And oh, hold on to your cash carefully as this place can get very crowded and chaotic on weekends. 

Book your stay at Pratunam here:

CHATUCHAK – Weekend Shoppers

Colorful Tents of Shops at Chatuchak Weekend Market

You can’t leave Bangkok without dropping by this area. Famous for its weekend market, the largest market in all over Thailand and in Asia is definitely huge and a monster for shopaholics. 

You can find almost everything here. I got pretty overwhelmed of how massive this place is and I don’t even know if I was able to go around in all of its corners. 

Chatuchak is easily accessible by MRT/BTS Skytrain. However, this place is far from the touristy area.

Book your stay at Chatuchak here:


Inside suvarnabhumi airport
Art Inside Suvarnabhumi Airport

Just located east of the city center around 40 minutes by car/taxi, if the traffic conditions allow, this area is just in the corner of the airport.

However, this is very far from the touristy area if you plan to do sightseeing.

This is a good place for overnight and layovers.


To sum it up..

Bangkok is a huge place full of colors and energy that welcomes everyone from any parts of the world. It’s a chaotic and yet relaxing cosmopolitan. Having said that, choosing the right place to stay in Bangkok can make or break your stay. 

Having the knowledge of these areas can hopefully help you to choose the right place and accommodation. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below and if you’d like to receive fresh new content right in your inbox, please consider subscribing to my newsletter.

Ready to travel? Plan your trip carefully.

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Enjoy and have a great stay in the City of Angels, Bangkok!

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